City on the Edge of Tomorrow

Been catching up on some of my TV watching lately. Also been going back and watching some of the oldies, but goodies. The original Star Trek has got to be one of my favorites. Don't know why they don't make shows like that any more.

I hear things like it's sexist, and it has a narrowed minded world view.

Let me tell you. It was the first show to show a kiss between a black woman and a white man. And while some argue the kiss never took place, that isn't the point.

They were depicting it, and that is the point.

And while I never liked the Chekov chacter much, there he was a Russian on American TV right smack dab in the middle of the cold war.

Star Trek broke some much group, people tend to take it for granted and they don't relaize they are living in a world partially made on inventions that were inspired by the show.

I could lay a list down for you, but let's just say that the idea for non-invasive doctoring came from the Trekkers.

I've been on such a Shattner kick, I'll probably jump over to T.J. Hooker once I get to the end of the series.

The fact that I am able to stream the show to that little box hooked to my TV is just another example of what we got to thank the show for.