Well you would think that I would have learned my lesson. I spent the entire month of October puttering about. And if that sounds like I was playing golf. Well, in my dreams. I'm not an avid golfer, and I have never been under par.

Though, had I spent the month golfing I might one day be under par.

No. I've spent a lot of time doing nothing.

And the more I do nothing. The more I realize the "nothing" can really pile up.

Painting the inside of the garage, this was long over due, and then tackling the bathroom caulk. Though, now I realize why the man charged so much for the task five years ago.

This would be another thing that would have been greatly improved upon had I spent a month doing it.

In general I have been puttering. Puttering comes from a word my old man used to use. And while it doesn't seem to have any meaning, neither does the random grouping of household tasks I have been doing in my "spare" time.