Star Light Express

No, not the musical. Though it really is worth the ticket price. We went last year for our anniversary and I can tell you, not a musical fan, never have been, but it was worth it. I never though people rolling around pretending to be trains could be so entertaining.

We didn't pay for the tickets. The kids gave us those for a gift, but definitely worth the trip out to see it.

Today I wanted to write up about another sort of starlight, one from actual stars.

I got a telescope when I retired. Not from the company I worked for, they gave me a coffee mug, a plaque and a small going away party. This ones, from Sue. Here is the beauty.

You can connect a camera to it and take shots from it directly, which make it sort of seem like a glorified lens. Now, that I say that, I guess it really is. But that aspect is a little lost on me, and I am not sure if it actually works with my camera. Hear that honey? Now you know what you can get me for my birthday this coming February.

I've been an avid star gazer since I was wee high. But this is the first time I really got to look up in the stars with this much perfection.

The last couple of weeks I've spent more time under the stars than under the blankets. Here are a couple of great photos that were taken with a much better telescope than mine.

Our National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is really a gift to this planet. We're one of the only countries that actually still gives a damn about space travel. All of the rest of them just followed our lead anyway. So I am not sure if that really ever counted or not. But the fact that they give out all of their pictures, that means a lot.