Tis the Season

It has been an entire month since I last updated you on my comings and goings and I can say that I have gotten better at puttering. It just takes practice like everything else. So don't worry if you haven't got it down yet. At the latetest you'll get it figured out when you retire.

This month has been a busy one though. We'd gotten the decorations at the end of Novemeber, and by the beginning of December I had the light untangled.

Tangled ligths have been a tradition in my family for many generations. So long in fact I think that we may have brought it into fashion.

Maybe this year I'll have the time to sort them out a head of time. This would make the decoration process go so much faster. But then it might just take the agravation out of it as well. And that seems to be as much of a holiday tradtion as the decoration.

This year we'll be having a real treat though, the grandkids our going to spend a week with us, while the kids go and get some R&R on an adults only vacation.

So that is what my holiday will be filled with. And well. While I had less to do with my children's upbringing, I tried to be an active part of their lives. But getting the grandchildren on loan is more of a treat than anything.

We get to spoil them without worrying about the aftermath. What are grandparents for right?

And we'll be grandparents again for the fifth time, come this Spring. Our youngest son's wife is expecting and they can't be more excited. Wait until they get a load of what comes along with the new resonsability. Then we'll see how excited they are.

Bring up a family is a lot of work. Just ask my wife. Spoiling the grandkids is easy. So I'm all for it.

And I couldn't be more excited about it.

Happy Holidays everyone.